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First-Class Painters and Decorators

Our experience and knowledge of other good trades means we can tackle a wide variety of projects. Using this network we can tackle larger or more time sensitive projects by working in conjunction with our partner company In House Interiors to provide our clients with the most efficient and professional service their project requires. 

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"Henry was asked to repaint the whole interior of one of my rented properties near Windsor and did so with impeccable attention to detail. The quote given was fair and accurate; he was never late to site, and went above and beyond to ensure that the property looked immaculate when he was finished. Couldn't recommend him enough for anyone who needs a reliable painting and decorator."

Wellington, October 2020

"Living room was redecorated to the highest of the highest standards. Couldn't recommend them enough; they've saved me time and money as well as being unbelievably professional. Not a bad word to say in all honesty and I would highly recommend anyone who's looking for paint and decorators to give them a shout, an easy 10/10."

Slough, October 2020

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If you’re looking for painters and decorators in Berkshire, then call us today on 07864 190964

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